Setting up Application Impersonation

When using Enterprise Connect with on-premise Exchange or Office 365, we recommend configuring access by using a service account that has been granted the ApplicationImpersonation role.

The ApplicationImpersonation role allows service accounts to manage events on behalf of rooms and users, with fully auditable logs.

Step 1 #

In the Office 365 Admin portal, go to Permissions

Step 2 #

Go to admin roles click the ‘+’ symbol

Step 3 #

Enter the information required

  • Role name: ApplicationImpersonation
  • Write scope: Default

Step 4 #

Click on the ‘+’ above Roles, and select ApplicationImpersonation from the list. Click Add, then OK.

Step 5 #

Click on the ‘+’ above Members. Select your service account from the list, click Add, then OK.

Step 6 #

Click on Save, and you’re done!

Further information #

More information on configuring ApplicationImpersonation from Microsoft can be found here, and if you require any further help, feel free to contact us at