Resources and Room Lists

In order for applications to be able to detect that calendars belong to resources and/or rooms, there is a specific configuration requirement for Office 365 and Exchange.

To create a Room or Resource you can use the Admin Web Interface for Office 365:

Rooms and resources must also be added to a Room List, but unfortunately Office 365 does not give the option to do this via the Admin Web Interface.

It is, however, possible via Powershell. You will first need to connect to your Office 365 instance as detailed here:

Once you have done that you can issue the Powershell commands required to create a Room List and add your Resource to it.

Creating a Room List #

To create a collection of rooms called “Meeting Rooms” issue the following Powershell command:

New-DistributionGroup -Name "Meeting Rooms" -RoomList

Adding an existing Resource to a Room List #

For an existing Room named “Board room” and an existing Room List named “Meeting Rooms” issue the following Powershell command:

Add-DistributionGroupMember –Identity "Meeting Rooms" -Member "Board room"

After you have added your Resource to a Room List you should be able to see it appear when calling the Listing Resources endpoint with an Enterprise Connect account.