Are GCC High Tenants supported?

As GCC High is a government system, we don’t have the approval to use it for testing purposes so we cannot guarantee that it can always be connected.

At present, attempting a connection via Individual Connect will not work. However, in some cases this is possible to set up via Enterprise Connect. To do so, we need to have access to your Exchange/Office365 tenant and be able to connect to it, meaning you would need to allow Cronofy’s access in any external connections’ security policies you might have.

To do this, you will need to follow some specific steps:

  • For GCC High connections, you would need to use Exchange as the connection option, as this will allow you to specify the EWS URL which should be

  • If you are using a firewall, then you would need to allow Cronofy’s access to your tenant. We have a list of IP addresses and ports we use for such connections, which can be found here: IP addresses. We also do offer an option to connect through VPN, however, this would come at an additional cost.