'Need admin approval' when authorizing Cronofy

As part of providing a service to our Office 365 customers, Cronofy installs an application on the Office 365 tenant of the customer integrating with Cronofy. This application is essential to integration, but can result in end users seeing a “Need admin approval” message when authenticating their calendars.

The message is presented to users when the IT admin for the customer has enabled the User Consent setting in Microsoft 365, which blocks any none Microsoft application.

Software integrators #

If you are a software integrator, you should provide the end-user with the Office 365 consent link from your Developer Dashboard. You should send this link to the IT admin for your customer, who can use it to authorize Cronofy on their Office365 tenant.

You can find the Office365 consent link on the Developer Dashboard > Applications > Credentials > Office 365 consent link.

IT admins and end users #

If you are an end-user or IT admin faced with this message, please reach out to us at support@cronofy.com. Alternatively, you could also reach out to the company you’re trying to connect with, who can provide the Office 365 admin consent link.

Additional notes #

The Cronofy application is installed, for all permissions models, including free-busy only. Cronofy cannot provide a service to Office365 customers without installing the application. Once installed, you can then further restrict access.