Cronofy provides a suite of Calendar Synchronization and Scheduling API endpoints along with a series UI Elements to allow you to quickly integrate scheduling into your applications.

Cronofy sits as an information conduit between applications and their user’s calendar service providers.

End-users authorize an application to access their calendar(s) through Cronofy. Cronofy then brokers that access to the application to provide:

  • A real-time synchronization engine that tracks activity on connected calendar.
  • An authorization model that supports linking multiple calendar accounts.
  • A permissions model that ensures applications only get access to the data they need.
  • A single API for interacting with calendar data across all connected calendar service providers.
  • Web hooks for tracking changes
  • Scheduling APIs to help you integrate event the most complex scheduling requirements into your applications.
  • Embeddable UI Elements to fast-track development and benefit from UX best practice we’ve learnt from working with thousands of applications.

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