Attaching to Events ALPHA

Required plan: Starter

Description #

This is an additional attachments array attribute of the Event object passed to the Create or Update Event endpoint.

  "attachments" : [
      "attachment_id": "att_5e10d41167edaf4b213e94fe"
      "attachment_id": "att_5e4d5a6668ed0f4b213e90fe"

Request parameters #

attachments.attachment_id required  #

The attachment_id of an attachment previously uploaded by your application. See Create Attachment. This can include up to five attachments.

Provider support #

Attachment support has varying degrees of maturity across providers and calendar apps. The following list documents issues we’ve encountered which we are unable to control.

Apple Calendars

Apple calendars accept one attachment per event.

Apple calendar apps have varying degrees of support:

  • iCloud Web app does not show any attachments
  • MacOS Calendar app shows the attachment added when creating the event, but does not track attachments being removed
  • iOS app works as expected - tracks attachment updates and removal