Request authorization PRERELEASE

Description #

When Business Connect is enabled for your application, you may request the ability to access other calendars through the user’s account.

This is achieved by adding an additional delegated_scope parameter to your Account Authorization request.

This will issue you a short-lived, single-use code that you will be able to exchange for an access_token and refresh_token for the user, along with enabling your application to make Delegated Authorization requests using their account.

Example request URL #

The parameters are encoded in the querystring as specified in appendix B of RFC 6749. Additional linebreaks are added to the request’s path for clarity.

Request URL parameters #

In addition to the standard authorization parameters, you must specify:

delegated_scope required  #

The scope of delegated privileges you want the eventual access_token to grant for other accounts. One of the following scopes must be requested:

  • free_busy
  • read_only

free_busy will allow your application to access availability information for other calendar accounts. read_only will allow your application to access the schedule of other calendar accounts.