Revoke a Profile

Required plan: Starter

Description #

Allows your application to revoke access to a specific profile.

Note that this does not affect the authorization as a whole, only your authorization to the specific profile. If you want to revoke all access to their account, you should instead call the Revoke Authorization endpoint.

URL format #{profile_id}/revoke

Example Request #

POST /v1/profiles/pro_n23kjnwrw2/revoke HTTP/1.1
Authorization: Bearer {ACCESS_TOKEN}

Example Response #

HTTP/1.1 202 OK

Request parameters #

profile_id required  #

This specifies the ID of the profile you wish to revoke access to, as an ASCII-only String.

Error responses #

401 Unauthorized #

The request was refused as the provided authentication credentials were not recognized.

When an OAuth refresh_token is available then it should be used to request a replacement access_token before the request is retried.