Description #

Retrieves the current state of a Real Time Scheduling link.

URL format #{token}

Example Request #

GET /v1/real_time_scheduling?token={token} HTTP/1.1
Authorization: Bearer {API_KEY}

Request parameters #

token required  #

The String that is returned on the completed_url redirect query string.

Example Response #

HTTP/1.1 200 Success

  "real_time_scheduling": {
    "real_time_scheduling_id": "sch_4353945880944395",
    "event": {...},
    "status": "completed"

Response parameters #

real_time_scheduling.real_time_scheduling_id  #

The Cronofy identifier for the Real Time Scheduling link, a String.

real_time_scheduling.url  #

The URL to direct the user to in order for them to select a time slot.

real_time_scheduling.event  #

The current state of the event associated with the link. Once completed the event will have start and end values.

real_time_scheduling.status  #

The String describing the current status of the link. Possible values:

  • open a slot hasn’t been chosen.
  • completed a slot has been chosen.
  • disabled the link has been disabled before a slot was chosen.