Cancel Invite BETA

Description #

This method allows an invite to be cancelled, please note the returned ICS attachment must be sent to the recipient in order for the event to be removed from their calendar.

URL format #

Example Request #

POST /v1/smart_invites HTTP/1.1
Authorization: Bearer {API_KEY}
Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8

  "method": "cancel",
  "recipient": {
    "email": ""
  "smart_invite_id": "your-unique-identifier-for-invite"

Example Response #

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8

  "recipient": {
    "email": "",
    "status": "pending"
  "smart_invite_id": "your-unique-identifier-for-invite",
  "callback_url": "",
  "event": {
    "summary": "Board meeting",
    "description": "Discuss plans for the next quarter.",
    "start": {
      "time": "2020-10-23T09:30:00Z",
      "tzid": "Europe/London"
    "end": {
      "time": "2020-10-23T10:00:00Z",
      "tzid": "Europe/London"
    "location": {
      "description": "Board room"
  "attachments": {
    "icalendar": "BEGIN:VCALENDAR\nVERSION:2.0..."

Request parameters #

API_KEY required  #

The client_secret of the application that manages the Smart Invite event.

smart_invite_id required  #

An identifier for the event within your application. Is used along with the to uniquely identify the Smart Invite. required  #

The email address you are going to send the cancelled Smart Invite to.

method required  #

The method to use when creating the invite, must be cancel to cancel the event.

Response parameters #  #

The email address of the recipient for the Smart Invite.

recipient.status  #

The current status of the recipient. Can be one of:

  • pending have not received any response from the recipient
  • accepted the recipient has accepted the invitation
  • tentative the recipient has tentatively accepted the invitation
  • declined the recipient has declined the invitation
smart_invite_id  #

The identifier for the event within your application.

callback_url  #

The URL within your application that Cronofy will send notifications to about user interactions with the Smart Invite.

event  #

The details of the event.

attachments  #

Attachments to add to the multipart email being sent to the recipient.

attachments.icalendar  #

the iCalendar representation of the event to to sent to the user.