Inviting Developers

If you are the Owner of the Organizational Unit, you can invite other developers to Applications linked to it.

Clicking on “Invite Users” on the Users page will take you through to a screen like this.

There are currently three roles that you can choose from for the new user that will apply to the Organizational Unit as a whole:

  • Owner - full access to everything.
  • Developer Admin - access to all Applications associated with the Organizational Unit and the ability to create new ones.
  • Member - restricted access to specific applications, controlled in the form below.

Members are not able to create new Applications in the Organizational Unit.

You can restrict Members access to certain Applications according to following roles.

  • Developer - full access to an Application including client_secret and editing of details.
  • Support - able to look up authorized users to see the connection status of their calendar accounts.

You can either select that the role is applied to all Applications linked to the Organizational Unit for now and into the future by choose Apply To All. Alternatively you can restrict access to specifc Applications by selecting them in the form.