Free-busy Only ALPHA

Required plan: Growth

In addition to the syncing calendars will full access rights we also support Free-busy only synchronization for Exchange and Office 365 accounts connected via Enterprise Connect.

Pre-Requisites #

In order to make use of Enterprise connect with Free-busy only calendars you must first request access to the feature by contacting us at

You must be running a server with either Exchange or Office 365 and have configured a service account with the correct access rights to the target calendars.

Example: Granting the AvailabilityOnly folder permission to a service account via Powershell

Add-MailboxFolderPermission -Identity -AccessRights AvailabilityOnly -User

Authorization Process #

The authorization process differs slightly from a calendar with full access rights, you must request only the free_busy scope when Requesting Delegate Access to a calendar.

Please note that the service account’s delegate scope must include free_busy in order to authorize this scope. The service account may also have additional delegate scopes.

Should any additional scopes be requested (for example read_events) and the service account be unable to read events from the Exchange server you will receive an unable_to_grant_scope error in the callback.

To help you diagnose these errors we have made the errors viewable on the Enterprise Connect section of your Developer dashboard. In addition to this we can also expose the Exchange validation logs via the Developer dashboard to diagnose your connectivity issues - again please contact to request access to this.

A simple way to test that the access has been granted correctly is so make these calls and validate the callback has no error.

Account differences #

As the only scope these accounts can be granted is free_busy you will be limited to accessing the following methods

In order to identify a Free-Busy only account you can either make a call to the UserInfo endpoint and see that the cronofy.type is "free_busy_only”

In addition to this listing the calendars for a free-busy only account will return a single read only calendar named "Free Busy"