Filtering Events

The Read Events endpoint supports a series of parameters for filtering the output to suit your application’s purpose.

from and to - are dates used to filter events based on the time on the event. If the event overlaps with the period described by the from and to parameters. The tzid parameter affects the day boundaries for these filters, ie 2019-04-11 with Australia/Sydney will map to a boundary of 2019-04-10T14:00Z.

last_modified - is used to filter the events returned based on when they were last externally modified, ie not by the application. This is designed to be used in conjunction with the changes_since parameter received in the change push notification.

Using this parameter allows the application to retrieve all deltas since that time. Bear in mind that using this in conjunction with the from and to parameters will mean you only receive deltas for events that have times within the window specified. Generally an application won’t combine these parameters.

include_managed - requests “Managed” events, ie those created by the application are returned in the query. By default these aren’t returned. The rationale being an application already has the definitive information on the events it manages.

only_managed - only return “Managed” events. This is used for applications that are only concerned with events that it created. Using this in conjunction with the last_modified parameter allows and application to receive a list of “Managed” events that have been changed by the user.

include_deleted - requests that any deleted events are included in query. Again this is most often used with the last_modified parameter to retrieve the events that have been deleted by the user.

include_moved - ensures that any events that have ever existed in the window specified by from and to or the default window.