Jitsi as a Service

Through our partnership with 8x8 we offer turnkey support for 8x8 as a video provider for adding conferencing details to events created with the Cronofy API.

They also provide a video conferencing platform called Jitsi as a Service (JaaS). This allows developers to build embedded video solutions into their applications.

Create an event with JaaS conferencing #

You use the explicit conferencing option to allow you to specify the specific meeting URL to be added to the event.

  "event_id": "qTtZdczOccgaPncGJaCiLg",
  "summary": "Coaching session",
  "start": "2023-10-02T15:30:00Z",
  "end": "2023-10-02T17:00:00Z",
  "tzid": "America/Chicago",
  "conferencing": {
    "profile_id": "explicit",
    "provider_description", "Your App",
    "join_url": "https://yourapp.example.com/video/12345"

JaaS is an embedded service so the URL will be to your app to allow you to generate the appropriate tokens for the video embed.

This link will then be shared with all attendees of the event.