Why are my profiles disconnecting from Cronofy?

There are multiple potential reasons behind disconnections between your calendar provider and Cronofy.

In the event of a calendar becoming disconnected, an email will be sent to the end user informing them that they must re-link their account. This happens when the token Cronofy holds for the account is no longer valid. This can be the case for a calendar profile (such as a Google account) or a conferencing profile (such as Zoom).

Behind the scenes, Cronofy is making requests to these other services using the tokens generated when you authorize Cronofy’s access to each service.

If the request fails, our error handling code will try and work out why. If, for example, the network connection failed, then all we know is that something was wrong with the network, and Cronofy will retain the credentials and retry.

If the server replies with something like a 403 Forbidden error, indicating the credentials are not valid for the request made, then it’s a clear sign that the credentials have been rejected. Cronofy will mark them as invalid and email the user to reconnect.

There are many reasons this can happen; For example, Cronofy’s permissions may have been removed from your calendar, or an Admin may have chosen to revoke all previously issued tokens for that account. We are unable to determine detailed reasons behind tokens becoming invalid as we are only told that access has been denied once we try to use the token.

It can be difficult to avoid these issues and often hard to determine a definite root cause. However, as mitigation steps, we would recommend ensuring that no policies are in place to change or remove Cronofy’s permissions on the tenant, and to not have anything in place to revoke previously issued OAuth tokens unless required.