Why can I use integrated conferencing with Graph API if MS Teams is disabled for an account?

Microsoft Teams license is linked not only to a specific license held by the user, but it is also linked to a Microsoft Teams Meeting Policy, which is a global policy that is active by default for all users.

To disable Microsoft Teams for certain users, these users will need to have a new Teams Meeting Policy applied to their accounts.

Assign a new Meeting Policy #

The Meeting Policy can be assigned to either an individual user or a group. Our recommendation is to assign it to a group of users, as this can be easily amended in case more users need to be restricted from using Teams.

Teams Meeting Policies are managed through Microsoft Teams admin center.

The steps to assign a new Meeting Policy to a group of users are as follows:

  1. In the left navigation of the Microsoft Teams admin center, go to the policy type page. For example, go to Meetings > Meeting policies.
  2. Select the Group policy assignment tab.
  3. Select Add group, and then in the Assign policy to group pane, do the following:
    • Search for and add the group you want to assign the policy to.
    • Set the ranking for the group assignment.
    • Select the policy that you want to assign.
    • Select Apply.

To remove a group policy assignment, on the Group policy assignment tab of the policy page, select the group assignment, and then select Remove.