Microsoft API deprecation

This page describes what Cronofy is doing in response to Microsoft deprecating their API later this year.

Please note that is a separate integration from Microsoft 365 and Exchange.

What’s happening? #

The version of the API that Cronofy uses is being deprecated on November 30th 2022.

To ensure continued service Cronofy is migrating its Outlook integration’s API usage, in line with Microsoft’s recommendations, to newer endpoints within the Graph API suite.

To do this, we require that some users with older authorizations refresh their connection between Cronofy and Microsoft. Not all users are affected since we began using a newer authorization method earlier this year. This means that any authorizations that have been made or refreshed since March 5th 2022 are already ready for the migration.

We will begin emailing affected end-users in November, asking them to re-authorize Cronofy’s access. At the end of November, any users who have not done this will have their Cronofy calendar synchronization effectively paused until they do.

Who’s impacted? #

Cronofy uses the API to synchronize calendars of users with personal, non-Microsoft 365 accounts.

These accounts usually have the domains, or

Users connected using our Microsoft 365 (Office 365) or Exchange integrations are not impacted in any way by this notice.

What do Cronofy API developers need to do? #

Nothing; Cronofy will send notices to end-users who need to re-authorize, and Cronofy will manage all migrating users to the new API.

If you wish to monitor the potential impact on your application, or email your end-users directly before Cronofy does, you can run an Application Authorizations Report from the Cronofy Developer Dashboard, where affected users will have a true value under the column require_outlook_auth_upgrade.

Users who reauthorize their calendar via the Cronofy Individual Connect flow will have their authorization refreshed ready for the migration as a side-effect, and will show as require_outlook_auth_upgrade false upon subsequent reports.

Timeline #

  • November 1st 2022 - Cronofy begins emailing end users
  • November 30th 2022 - Microsoft shuts down the old Outlook API endpoints