How to acknowledge a calendar reconnection via Cronofy's API?

Profiles can become disconnected between Cronofy and the Calendar server.

This can happen for various reasons. When Cronofy fails to communicate with a calendar provider, we re-try the connection for a few attempts with some delay between attempts. If we see persistent failures for unknown reasons, or reason related to authentication such as receiving a HTTP 403 Forbidden response, we will retry several times before marking the profile as “disconnected”.

Disconnection sends an email to the user with a link for them to reauthenticate. A profile_disconnected Push Notification will also be sent via any channels configured for this user. Once they use the link, they sign in and Cronofy attempts to sync with the new credentials. If this is successful, change notifications will start being triggered as normal syncing operations resume and the calendar changes.

In order to verify whether an account is connected or not, you can:

  • Check on profile_connected attribute when fetching the userInfo endpoint.
  • Check your Push Notification Channel messages:
    • Receiving change notifications mean that Cronofy is syncing the calendar and detecting changes.
    • Receiving disconnect notifications mean Cronofy is unable to sync the calendar, and therefore marking it as disconnected.