Getting Started

What is Cronofy? #

Cronofy is a hosted calendar synchronization and scheduling API with companion UI Elements.

Cronofy handles the security and privacy challenges with connecting with both corporate and personal calendar services and the processing the data they contain. We are trusted by SMEs through to global enterprises to act as the trusted intermediary between software applications and their users’ and customers’ calendars.

Our proprietary sync engine processes billions of events, providing a unified and robust interface. Our customers can focus on delivering the value their customers need rather than building and maintain plumbing.

On top of this sync engine we’ve exposed a series scheduling APIs that effortlessly handle a wide range of scenarios, even sequences of meetings. This allows real-time scheduling features to be integrated in to applications serving all sorts of sectors and use cases.

The final layer is our embeddable UI Elements. These are fully managed, stylable, white-label javascript components that fast-track development and ensure you can always deliver best-in-class scheduling experiences.

Discover Cronofy #

Obtaining Authorization #

Our Authorization and Authentication section gives you everything you need to understand how this works.

Working with Calendars and Events #

Create an calendar event shows how to create an event in a user’s calendar account.

Building Scheduling Workflows. #

  • Availability - the Availability query is at the heart of Cronofy’s scheduling service. This guide shows you how to start using these queries.
  • Real-Time Scheduling - generate booking links you can send to users via email or message.
  • Managed Availability - how we manage working hours and rules for availability.
  • Sequenced Availability - more complicated use cases often require sequences of meetings to be scheduled. This is how we handle that.

Building Scheduling UI #

UI Elements are a series of javascript elements that work with our calendar and scheduling API endpoints.

Going to Production #

Verify your Application - the verification process before you go live.

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