Postman is the go-to tool for many developers exploring the capabilities of Internet APIs. The Cronofy API is fully compatible with Postman so you can get started really quickly and start to learn how our API works.

1. Get your Application credentials from the Cronofy Developer Dashboard #

If you don’t have an Application yet create one here.

Then, navigate to the Settings tab to find your client_id and client_secret.

2. Download the Cronofy Postman Collection #

In the Settings tab you’ll see a Run In Postman button that will allow you to download the collection, prefilled with your application credentials. Skip to step 3.

Altenatively download it here by clicking the following button.

Open the Cronofy API Environment and update the values of the client_id and client_secret variables with the ones for your application.

3. Generate an access_token #

You can use Postman to generate an access_token to work with your calendars. Select one of the API calls from the Cronofy Collection, eg: Read Calendars. Then switch to the Authorization tab. Choose Type OAuth 2.0 and you’ll see a button marked Get New Access Token.

Click this and configure the authorization process with the values described below.

  • Token Name - Cronofy Access Token
  • Grant Type - Authorization Code
  • Callback URL - http://postman.test/auth/cronofy/callback
  • Auth URL -
  • Access Token URL -
  • Client ID - {{client_id}}
  • Client Secret - {{client_secret}}
  • Scope - read_write
  • State - can be left blank
  • Client Authentication - Send client credentials in body

Click Request Token and complete the authorization.

4. Make your first API call #

Now you have a token you can make your first API call. Read Calendars is a good place to start. This will show you a list of calendars from the connected calendar account.