Plans & Pricing

Cronofy’s API pricing is structured as plans that give you access to sets of features.

All plans give you the ability to connect your Applications to any of Cronofy’s international data center locations to ensure you’re meeting your end-users’ data sovereignty requirements.

All plans give you a service accredited under the ISO 27001, ISO 27018 and SOC2 information security frameworks. As well as compliance with data management standards like GDPR and CCPA.

Our US hosted service also benefits from HIPAA compliance and thus we’re able to commit to a BAA to support that.

Starter #

This plan gives you access to core calendar functions like reading and writing events as well as retrieving free-busy information on behalf of individual users. Our managed conferencing service is also included in this plan.

Emerging #

This plan unlocks Cronofy’s scheduling capabilities. Simple through to complex availability queries, working hours management and UI elements to support your build.

All designed as a series of composable elements to allow you to build exactly the flow you need to help your users scheduling efficiently and effectively.

Growth #

The focus of this plan is on supporting your enterprise customers and their connectivity and security requirements. As part of this we fully support your customers with their calendar service configuration as well as answer any security and compliance questions they have.

Our ISO 27001 and SOC2 accreditations and multiple data centers are especially important in giving your customers confidence in your choice of Cronofy as technical partner.

Strategic #

As your usage grows we provide access to more capabilites relevant to high volume applications. Alongside this we can help with customized support and implementation consultations.

Pricing #

Each plan gives you an allowance of synchronized calendar accounts as well as some other features like Smart Invites and Application Calendars.

Cronofy bills monthly in arrears. Each month we calculate the usage across all of your Applications and automatically work out which plan is the most cost-effective for you based on this usage and the features you need.

Annual plans allow you to receive discounts by pre-paying the plan fees for the year. Then, you’re just paying any overages on a monthly basis.

Current pricing is available on our web site.