Workflow Triggers

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Workflow Triggers comprise a suite of features that enable developers to use calendar and event data to drive application and business workflows.

Typical examples:

  • Triggering appointment reminders via text or email.
  • Start a payment flow after a coaching session.
  • Update an Application Tracking System when an interview has been scheduled.

Event Triggers can be used to know when to send a reminder text message to a user. It’s a reasonably simple task to set up a reminder for a specific time in a software system. More complicated to update that time when the event is rescheduled.

Cronofy’s sync engine is constantly tracking changes to events so that you’ll always receive the reminder at the appopriate time relative to the event start of end. Saving you developing a lot of complicated management code.

Scheduling Triggers are used to know when a booking has been made. So, your application can update the status and/or send out any notifications required.

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