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The Cronofy integration for BambooHR brings the most powerful and flexible interview scheduling to your current recruiting workflows.

  • allow candidates to self-select times that work for you or your hiring managers,
  • offer times to candidates when an interviewer has time blocked out in their calendar for interviews,
  • schedule for a pool of interviewers,
  • book a sequence of interviews in one go.

Setting up the BambooHR integration #

First install the browser extension

Then secondly link Cronofy to your BambooHR account, you just need an admin user for your BambooHR account.

  1. In Cronofy, select your Organizational Unit Settings, choose the Integrations tab, then select Set Up New Integration.
  2. Select BambooHR from the list.
  3. Click on Authorize BambooHR.
  4. Follow the process and once you’re back in Cronofy, you’re good to go.

Schedule an Interview #

  1. Open a candidate page.
  2. Click on the Cronofy browser extension.
  3. It will pull in the details of the candidate so you can just click to generate a link personalized just for them.
  4. Paste it into an email and send.

When the candidate picks a time, we’ll add a Note to the candidate with the details of the link.

We’ll also add another note when the Candidate picks a time.