Greenhouse Checklist

This checklist is designed for users who only wish to use our extension in combination with Greenhouse, instead of using our full automation with Greenhouse.

Scheduler Sign-Up #

  1. Sign up for a Scheduler account:

Greenhouse integration #

  1. Retrieve the API key for Greenhouse also explained here.

To do that, in Greenhouse, press the ‘Settings’ cog in the top right corner > Select Dev Center from the left menu, then choose API Credential Management.

Select Create New API Key with the following settings:

  1. API Type: Harvest
  2. Partner: Leave Blank
  3. Description: Cronofy Integration
  4. Press Create
  5. Copy the API Key and store this somewhere safe
  6. Select All on Manage Permissions and press Save

Copy the API Key, paste this in Cronofy under the Harvest API Key section in Integration Settings and press Save.

Extension #

  1. Install our extensions to generate scheduling links for more complex scheduling scenarios.

For example, if you need to provide “Custom Times” to your candidates. The extensions are fully supported and the data will be reflected into Greenhouse.

  1. Install our Chrome, Firefox, or Edge extensions.
  2. Log in to the extension.
  3. Compose an email from Greenhouse and launch the extension.
  4. Hit the ‘Create invitation link’ from the extension and paste it in your email templates.

To find out more about how the extension works with Greenhouse, please watch our tutorial video below: