Greenhouse Integration Setup

To get started, you will need to enable the integration in Greenhouse and Cronofy. This will need to be done by a Greenhouse Site Admin and a Cronofy Organisational Unit Owner.

If you require assistance with following these steps, please reach out to our support team at or click the support widget on this page.

Cronofy Setup #

In Cronofy, select your Organisational Unit then choose Integrations on the left, then select Set Up New Integration.

Turn on Greenhouse integration.

Press Show under Integration Settings to obtain the Secret Key, Username and Password for later use.

Greenhouse Setup #

In Greenhouse, press the ‘Settings’ cog in the top right corner.

Select Dev Center from the left menu, then choose API Credential Management.

Select Create New API Key with the following settings:

  1. API Type: Harvest
  2. Partner: Leave Blank
  3. Description: Cronofy Integration
  4. Press Create
  5. Copy the API Key and store this somewhere safe
  6. Select All on Manage Permissions and press Save

Copy the API Key, paste this in Cronofy under the Harvest API Key section in Integration Settings and press Save.

Creating a Web Hook #

In the Greenhouse Dev Centre, select Web Hooks to create a new Web Hook.

Fill out the required details:

  1. Name: Cronofy Scheduling
  2. When: Candidate Has Changed Stage
  3. Endpoint URL:
  4. Secret Key: Obtain this from your Cronofy application
  5. Error Recipient Email: Your IT Admin email address
  6. Disabled?: No
  7. Press Advanced Settings
  8. Enter Username and Password obtained earlier from Cronofy

Press Create Web Hook. If this is unsuccessful check the log output for details.

Once you have set up the integration between both systems, you are ready to create triggers