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The Cronofy integration for Lever brings the most powerful and flexible interview scheduling to your current recruiting workflows.

It allows you to have more control over the scheduling flow. For example, it enables you to:

  • Offer times to candidates when an interviewer has time blocked out in their calendar for interviews.
  • Schedule for a pool of interviewers.
  • Book a sequence of interviews in one go.

Authorize Lever #

The first thing to do is to authorize Cronofy to access your Lever account. This is a simple process, you just need someone with an Admin account to provide the access you need.

Authorize Lever.

Once you’ve authorized, there are two ways it works.

Streamlined scheduling from within Lever #

Our browser extension gives you the ability to schedule interviews without leaving Lever. Whether with yourself, for your recruiting colleagues, or hiring managers, you can generate a scheduling link for the candidate with all of the controls that you need. Including offering times when someone has blocked out their calendar.

Importantly, when the candidate picks a time, this immediately adds the interview to Lever.

How to get the browser extension

How to schedule ad-hoc interviews

Automated scheduling when you progress a candidate #

You can setup powerful automations based on the hiring processes you’ve already designed in Lever.

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