Events aren't showing in my calendar

Commonly when Trello cards don’t sync to your calendar it is due to an issue with your Sync Rules, try checking the below.

  • Trello cards can’t be synced to your calendar unless you have created a Sync Rule, you can create a sync rule at You can also see our guide on setting up a Sync Rule here.

  • You can double check your Sync Rule set-up at If you aren’t sure if the Sync Rule is correct you can remove and recreate the Sync Rule on this page too.

  • When you created your Sync Rule did you select “Cards assigned to me”? If so, you will need to make sure you have have added yourself as a member to the Trello cards you want to sync to your calendar.

  • Each Trello board will need its own Sync Rule to know what to do, if you haven’t created a Sync Rule to connect your Trello board to the relevant calendar you will need to set one up.