I want my team to use the Trello Connector but I want to be able to control the payment from one account, is this possible?

You can add your team members to your Trello Connect subscription and manage the payment from one account.

The steps you will need to take are:

  • On the account which will manage the subscriptions, purchase the number of subscription that you will need for your team. You can do this by going to your Trello Connector Account > Account Settings > Subscription.

  • Each member of your team will need to create a free Trello Connector account. They can do this on the Trello Connector website. They will have to follow the steps to connect and share the email address to be used for their managed account (this is usually their work email address).

  • Once the steps above are completed, email support@cronofy.com and provide the details of the master account (e.g. email address) and list all of the email addresses that need to be added.

Please ensure that your team uses different devices when signing up for a Trello Connector account, in order to make sure that they don’t get linked to the same account. If it is necessary to use the same device, please use a new incognito window in your browser for each new sign-up.