Creating Sync Rules

Now that your Trello account and Calendar are connected to the Trello Connector, you’ll need to set up some rules to tell the Trello Connector what it needs to do, this is done through “Calendar Sync Rules”.

The easiest way to manage your Calendar Sync Rules is to go to the Trello Connector Website

A Sync Rule allows you to define the behavior of the connection between your chosen Trello Board and Calendar so that the Trello Connector works for you.

You might need different rules if you have multiple boards, for example:

  • Personal Board: To keep track of your daily home and work life.
  • Team Board: To manage Team tasks and keep on track of projects as a whole.
  • Project Board: More complex projects may require their own board.

You may also want to link different Trello boards to different calendars, for example, if you have a Team Trello board you may also have a Team Calendar that you want the Trello cards to create events too. Similarly, you might have calendars for different projects/areas within your life.

Create a Sync Rule #

Each Trello board or Calendar you want to connect will need its own Sync Rule, this gives you more flexibility on how and where the events will show as you might want different behavior.

When creating a Sync Rule you will see the following screen

The four sections on this page are used to configure the sync rules you are creating.

Trello #

This drop-down allows you to select the Trello board you want to use. A Sync Rule is needed for every Trello board that you want to connect to a calendar.

Cards #

Here you can make the choice for whether, all of your Trello cards sync with your calendar or, only cards that you are a member of.

If the Trello board is used by multiple users, you may only want the cards you are working on in your calendar, in which case you’d select “Cards assigned to me”.

Calendar #

Select the calendar that you’d like to sync your Trello Board with. If you’ve connected more that one calendar previously, those calendars will also appear in this list.

Event Settings #

This section defines how the event will appear.

  • Show as: Your event can show you as “Busy” in your calendar so others don’t see you as available in this time. Or “Free” if you’re happy for other events to be booked at the same time.
  • Event Duration: Decide the duration that the events appear in your calendar.
  • Before card due: You can set up reminders to prompt you before a card is due, this is great if tasks are deadlines for work to be delivered in Projects.

When you’re happy with your sync set-up click “Sync”, your Trell cards should now become events in your calendar.