Our assessment criteria

Competencies #

All companies have a method of choosing the best person for the job. Our aim is to make equal and fair decisions and reduce opportunities for bias at all stages. Internally, every department has a competency framework which is used to assess how team members are performing in their role, while also creating learning, development and career opportunities. Our competency framework has three main pillars:

Individual competencies - the skills and behaviors needed to do the role

Collective competencies - the ability to work with your team, other teams / departments, and stakeholders

Cultural competencies - alignment with our Principles

Please keep this in mind when interviewing with us. We will be looking for evidence of all of these three areas during the process.

Evaluation form #

At the latter stages of the interview process (stage three onwards), our Hiring Managers use an evaluation form. Our aim is to be as objective as possible, particularly at times when we’re interviewing multiple people for roles. Our evaluation form helps us to differentiate people through their skills, experience and alignment with our Principles. Our form has 6 questions, all with a rating out of 5. These are:

1. Prior success

Have they already performed the role successfully elsewhere?

2. Skills

Do they already have the skills necessary to do the role?

3. Curiosity

Have they demonstrated a need to understand things?

4. Coachability

Have they shown the ability to act on feedback?

5. Principles

Does their approach to work align with our principles?

6. Culture

How would they add to the Cronofy culture?

Top tip: Knowing how our colleagues are assessing you means that you can structure your answers to put yourself in the best light. Tell us the things we want to know about you!