What’s the dress code? #

We don’t have a formal dress code at Cronofy, either for interviews or in the office. We’d simply suggest wearing something that you are most comfortable in.

How long does an application take? #

When you send a CV to us, we aim to get back to you within 7 days. The length of the interview process itself is up to you as we’ll send you a scheduling link each time. Generally speaking, our Time to Hire (the period of time from application to accepting an offer) is around 20 days.

Will I receive feedback if I’m unsuccessful? #

We receive a high number of applications for every role, and we respond to everyone regardless of whether we progress or not. If you’ve had at least one interview then we will give specific feedback.

Where can I submit my CV? #

The best place to apply for a role is our careers page where you’ll find a list of live roles.

What if you’re not advertising a role I’m looking for? #

We have a Talent Pool on our careers page where you can send a CV in speculatively. This means we can contact you as soon as a suitable role becomes available. This can also be found on our careers page.

Do you take references? #

Yes, once you’ve decided to accept an offer we ask for two references (ideally your current and previous managers). We don’t use references as part of our selection process, but look to understand how we can best support you in your new role with us, and make sure you’re in an environment where you can be most successful.

Background checks? #

As part of our commitment to the highest levels of security and compliancy everyone who joins us goes through a basic background check, and screening process to confirm your ID before starting in your role. You’ll receive the results of these.

What’s it like working at Cronofy? #

To get a feel for what it’s like working here, we suggest checking out cronofy.com/careers as well as our Inside Cronofy blog posts, and reading our Principles as these are a framework for who we are, and how we act.

What should I prepare for before an interview? #

We advise making sure you’re comfortable with the job description and have examples that demonstrate your experience with the key requirements of the role. Also, be prepared to talk about your CV and experiences; whether that’s a key project or achievements that are related to the position you’re interviewing for.

We’d also advise reading through our Principles and get familiar with Cronofy. Finally - make a list of questions! Cronofy being right for you is just as important as you being right for Cronofy, so make sure you come to every interview with a list of questions that you want to ask about the job, company, people, culture. Test us!