Set Up Sharing

You setup availability sharing from the Connected Contacts section when you’re signed in to your Cronofy account and selecting “Connected Contacts” from the side menu.

Inviting people #

Inviting someone to share their availability is super easy and takes less than a minute.

On your Connected Contacts page click “Invite someone to share availability”.

The “Invite a contact” form only requires a small amount of information to be completed so you can send your invites to individuals who you want to share availability with.

Setting up your invite #

Start by adding the email address of the person you wish to invite.

Then pick the availability you want to include in the invite.

Request access from them

For an attendee to be included and their availability to be taken into consideration with your invitation link, this option will need to be selected.

Offer access to them

If the Contact is someone you have regular meetings with, you may want to offer them access to your Availability. To do this you should also select this option.


Finally, from the drop-down select how long you want the Availability to be shared.

When you are happy with your options click “Sent invite”, this then sends an email for them to approve the access.

If you go back to “Connected Contacts” you will now see an invite for their availability is now pending.

What they see #

You’ve completed the request and an email has been sent to them for their approval. What happens now?

They will receive an email like the below

They will only need to click “Accept this link request” and they will be direct to the below page

Upon accepting they will then be taken to their own Connected Contacts page which shows they are connected with you.

This will also reflect on your own Connected Contacts page.

Note: If they are not already signed up for the Cronofy Scheduler they will be prompted to do so.