Stopping Sharing

Once your contact has agreed to share their availability you will be able to review and manage your Contacts through the Contacts page where a list of all your Contacts is available.

You can check what level of availability is being shared by checking the “Link Status” column. There are three statuses:

  • Fully Connected - Both you and your contact are sharing availability with each other.
  • Receiving Availability - You contact is sharing their availability.
  • Offering Availability - You are sharing your availability with your contact.

An “Expired” status will appear when the Availability period agreed during the invitation process has ended. If you need to reconnect you only need to invite them again.

To see more information on the connection between you and your contact by clicking their name.

This page confirms whether your contact is sharing their availability with you and/or if you are sharing your availability with you. It also lets you know when sharing started and when you’ll be sharing until.

You can easily stop sharing your availability by clicking “Stop sharing with ****” button.