Using Availability

Now you have people sharing their availability with you you can start creating invites that involve multiple participants.

When creating your invite add the details of the invitee (the one you’ll be sending the invitation link too) in the top box.

From the “Required attendees from your contacts” box select all the relevant contacts from the drop-down field you want to include in the invite.

Complete the “What are you scheduling section” as normal, adding an Event Support, Location, Duration, Conferencing and Event description.

The “When will they able to choose from” section will only offer times that both you and your contact(s) are available. This is reflected in the availability table of your invite form.

When your link has been created you can send it to your invitee and when they select a slot from the availability provided to them, you and your contacts will be informed and the event will be added to your calendar.

You can use Combined Availability across all our Scheduler platforms, including but not limited to the Zendesk app and the Chrome Extension. For a full list of the Scheduler integrations check out our Integrations page.