Creating Requests

When you’re happy with your preferences it’s time to start scheduling!

On the Scheduler page click “Create a new request” to get started.

From here you only need to enter some details on the “New Request” page, detailed below

Invitee details #

The email address and name of the person you are inviting. For External events you can also add the organisation.

Event details #

The event summary, give your event a name, duration and select your preferred conferencing method. You can also set up a location for face to face events.

Times to offer #

You can select a timeframe for the slots your invitee will be able to choose from from the drop down. This will then showcase your availability for that timeframe. Green for available, white for busy.

Choosing certain times #

Want more control over the time slots available to your invitee? No problems. From the drop down pick “Select specific periods”.

You can then click and drag to select specific times you’d like your invitee to be able to choose from. Don’t worry, we still check your availability and if you have a busy slot this won’t be presented during slot selection.

When you’re happy click “Create invitation link” where you’ll see your event is now in a pending status.

Now all you have to do is share the unique link with your invitee so they can pick a slot for your event to take place!

Extension #

There is also an Extension option, which will link you the browser extensions currently available.