Using Cronofy for Office

Where do I find the Cronofy for Office add-in? #

The Cronofy for Office add-in can be found in the toolbar when you are writing an email

Scheduling with Cronofy for Office #

First things first, compose your email to be sent. Cronofy for Office is designed to make scheduling events super easy through the sharing of invitation links. The invitee’s name and email address will automatically populate in Cronofy for Office.

There is a little more information you need to add before you can create the invitation link, this is

Who are you inviting? #

The email address and name of your invitee will already be populated if you’ve start your email already, if not, you can add the information in.

You can also add the invitees organisation if you are working with an external company.

By selecting the cog next to “Who are you inviting?” you will be taken to a page where you can check and update your preferences to suit your needs.

What are you scheduling? #

This section relates to some of the finer points of your event, such as, an Event Summary, Location, Duration, add any Conferencing you may need to have a successful event and a description.

When will they be able to choose? #

You want to have some control over the timeframe you offer to your invitee to choose from, you may need the meeting to happen in the next week or the next three weeks.

From the drop down you can select the timeframe you want to offer. You will also be able to see your availability for that timeframe.

You can also be more specific with the times you offer your invitee by selecting “Select specific periods” from the drop down. You can then select and/or drag to mark out the time your want to offer.

When you’re happy with the information you can click “Create invitation link”.

Your invitation link will then be created and displayed to you.

Now all you have to do is copy the link, add it to your email and hit send!

Your invitee will be able to access your chosen availability and select a time that suits them for your event.

An email will land in your inbox when a time has been selected.