Custom times

We want to support more complex and ad-hoc scheduling, to do this we created the option “Custom times”, available when scheduling for myself and someone else.

Custom Times allow you to offer specific times to your invitee, overriding the working hours you have chosen in your Scheduler Preferences.

Only when I am free #

“Only when I’m free” actually means that we will respect all events in your calendar and not offer times that clash with those existing events.

For example, you may have a particularly important prospect to invite to a sales call and are happy to schedule a call outside of your “Working hours”.

Whether I’m busy or not #

You may now opt-in to offering times “Whether busy or not” and the Scheduler will stop considering busy times in the event owner’s calendar.

For example, you may be trying to schedule an interview for a hiring manager who has blocked out interview times in their calendar, to make sure that they are kept free.

How does it work? #

Below is how our “Custom times” will behave by default, when the “Only when I’m free” option is selected:

When choosing to ignore busy times in the event owner’s calendar: