Business Development

Here’s how to get the most out of the Scheduler when working in Business Development.

Scenarios #

Booking a discovery call as a Sales Rep #

Shorten your sales cycle

  1. Create a personalised scheduling link Use the Chrome extension directly from any web application and share periods or specific times based on your real-time availability.

  2. Share your personalised meeting request link Embed your meeting link in an email, LinkedIn message, or even if you’re in a cold call. Your prospect will only have to pick a time that suits them - the meeting details are already pre-filled.

Booking a demo on behalf of your Account Exec #

Eliminate the back-and-forth between your prospects and Account Exec

  1. Invite your Account Exec to your team Cronofy organizes teams in to Organizational Units, read about how to get everyone invited to your OU.

  2. Create a personalized scheduling link on their behalf Choose Schedule for: Someone else, and pick your Account Exec.

  3. Get notified Once your prospect booked a time slot you will get notified by email (also when the meeting is rescheduled or canceled)

Booking a meeting from a pool of Account Execs #

The Scheduler can find times across multiple calendars, or pick representatives from a group.

  1. Get your team onboard Set up the group of Account Execs who will be participating within your organization. Cronofy organizes teams in to Organizational Units, read about how to get everyone invited to your OU.

  2. Create a Scheduling Group containing your Account Execs Scheduling Groups allow you to find times within a pool of potential participants.

  3. Create a Group Scheduling Rule Group Scheduling Rules set the template for the event. For example, a 30-minute demo call using Zoom, with one of your Account Execs. Read about how to set up Scheduling Groups and Group Rules.

  4. Use the Group Scheduling Rule to send personalized Scheduling links Once you’ve got the Group Scheduling Rule set up, it’ll be available in the Scheduler when choosing Schedule: using a Group.

More tips #

Allow rescheduling to stay flexible #

By default, meeting links allow rescheduling - we’ll add a link as part of the event invitation to make it easy.

You don’t need to share the link - by using it yourself you’ll still benefit from the Scheduler while keeping things moving quickly. For example:

  • Schedule the first call/demo on the phone by creating a link and using it yourself so you can reduce friction and have a placeholder in their calendar right away

  • Schedule the next meeting while on the demo so you don’t lose momentum with the deal by creating a link and using it yourself to see the available time slots

  • Our browser extension supports Hubspot, so your contact’s details are pulled in. Read more here.
  • Our extensions for Gmail and Outlook let you personalize a Scheduling link when emailing leads, in one click. Read more about our Outlook or Gmail extensions.

Make important calls happen despite stacked calendars #

When scheduling particularly important calls into a busy calendar you can use Specific Times mode to offer times even when the calendar appears busy so you shorten sales cycles. You can do this whether Scheduling on behalf of an Account Exec, or when scheduling for yourself!

Every individual and Group Rule has a reusable Public Link which can be shared as widely as you like.

  • Are you using a lead scoring model to qualify your leads? Make it easier by embedding a Group Rule Public Link on your website, chatbot, or emails.
  • Embed a Public Link in your email templates or signature to make it easier for your prospects to book a time slot with you.