Scheduler for Executive Coaches

Let’s say you want to organize coaching sessions with yourself or your colleagues whilst being respectful of your clients busy schedules as an executive coach. This page will guide you and provide you with tips on how to use the specific features of our product to make the most of everyones time.

Schedule on Behalf of #

Schedule on behalf of is the ideal feature for busy executive coaches and their clients.

It allows you to share the real time availability of your colleagues with the sessions participants. No need for constant back and forth, the participant will simply have to pick the most convenient time from a generated link and the coaching session is booked and added to every attendees calendar.

You can see it in action in the video below:

Before you can get started with this feature you must first enable it by going to your Organizational Unit settings. Under the “Scheduling” tab, tick the “Availability Sharing” and “Scheduling on behalf of one another” boxes.

You need to set up an Organizational Unit (OU) to be able to access and share the availability of your fellow coaches and colleagues. Through your OU you can manage your contacts and schedule events on their behalf.

Within the OU you can also add members to different scheduling groups. We’ve seen coaches use it to create specific groups for each coaching program. All of this is used to set up another powerful feature - Scheduling for Groups.

Scheduling for Groups #

This feature allows you to set up tools and settings dedicated to specific groups within your OU.

The main benefit of the Scheduling Groups and Scheduling Rules is that you can define multiple scenarios such as one-to-one coaching, feedback sessions, or team panels. They will all come with different request configuration and all you need to do is create them, save them, select a desired rule in the request, and enter the recipient information. The rest will be handled by Cronofy, allowing you to focus on what’s important - your participants, and the content of the coaching programs.

See it in action in the video below:

Happy Scheduling Coach! #

You’re all set to start using the Cronofy Scheduler as an Executive Coach. We are always trying to improve our product and deliver more customized scheduling experience to our various users. Contact us at to share your experience and tell us what features you find most useful!