Internal Recruitment

See how Cronofy can help you improve your internal recruitment processes. These are just some of the most common problems that the Scheduler can easily help you solve.

Booking for myself

The Cronofy Scheduler allows you to schedule interviews directly with your candidates without ever having to leave your email inbox or ATS, while removing all of the hassle and back-and-forth when manually scheduling.

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Booking for hiring managers

Schedule interviews for your hiring managers without wasting time comparing your calendars and the frustrating back-and-forth trying to find a suitable time.

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What if the hiring manager has blocked out their calendar?

If your hiring managers like to block out time in their calendars, the Cronofy Scheduler allows you to work with this by offering times manually even if their calendar is showing as busy.

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Booking Panel Interviews

Easily schedule Panel Interviews without the complex back and forth of trying to find a suitable time for multiple interviewers.

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Handling a high volume of interviews

If you have a large number of interviews to book, making use of the public links removes the time you’d spend creating individual personalised links.

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I need to be able to track and report on my interviews

The Scheduler Requests page allows you to view, filter, order and report on all interviews for tracking and visibility.

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