The Scheduler includes the ability to manage and report on your Scheduler requests.
This is done through tagging, filtering and generating reports.

Adding tags #

Scheduler requests and events can be given tags to categorize and help describe what they are for. For example, initial coaching session or screening interview. You can learn more about this on the tags page.

Filtering #

The Scheduler Requests dashboard includes a number of options to filter your requests. These can help you find requests to manage, or see only requests in a certain state or for a particular person. If you are a Scheduler admin or owner of an Organizational Unit, you manage and view all of the requests for people in your organization.

More details can be found on the the tags and filtering page

Reporting #

You can export the table (with or without filters) to a spreadsheet to build reports and manipulate the data further. This can be done by pressing the Export CSV button below the filters.

Tips for great reporting #

  1. Coordinators and Scheduler Admins can include requests from everyone in their Organizational Unit, using the Requests filter:

  2. You can easily see which requests may need attention by filtering for multiple statuses:

  3. The exported spreadsheet is very useful with things like Excel’s pivot tables. For example, you could monitor your KPI of the number of scheduled requests each month: