Invite users

You may invite users into your Organizational Unit, if you need to share their availability. This could be when you would like to:

How to invite users? #

Please head to your Organizational Unit Settings (OU) and select the “Accounts” tab and then click on “Invite Users”. Once you have entered the email address, please select a role to assign to the new user.

User roles #

There are currently fives roles that you can choose from for the new user:
Owner, Member,Developer, Developer Admin and Scheduler Admin.

Owner #

  • can view and access all of the Organizational Unit Settings below:

Member #

  • can not view and access the Organizational Unit Settings.
  • can schedule on behalf of others.
  • can schedule on behalf of groups using the OU’s Group Rules (but they can not use the ‘Public link’ for the Groups).

Developer #

  • has full access to an Application including client_secret and editing of details.

Developer Admin #

  • has access to all Applications associated with the Organizational Unit and the ability to create new ones.

Scheduler Admin #

  • can view and access the Scheduling settings below:

For more information about Developer roles, please click here.