Schedule On Behalf Of

Schedule on Behalf of enables you to create scheduling requests on behalf of someone else without attending yourself. For example, you can schedule an interview with the hiring manager, or offer availability for a doctor without having to be a part of the event.

Enabling the feature #

To enable this feature, go to your Organizational Unit settings and tick the “Availability Sharing” and “Scheduling on behalf of one another” boxes:

How to schedule on behalf of other users #

Proceed to create a Scheduling request as normal, via your scheduler dashboard or browser extension. When creating a request, you will see a new selection, called Schedule for. Select the Someone else option and enter an email address of a person on behalf of whom you are sending this request:

The availability of this user will then be used for the request and they will have a full ownership of the event.

Staying informed as the coordinator of an event #

As the coordinator of the event, you will be notified by Cronofy if there are any changes to the event, for example when an event is moved or canceled.

The attendees of the event will receive updates from the calendar provider (e.g. Google, Office365, etc.) as they would for a non-Scheduler event.