Constraints ALPHA

Purpose #

Our Constraints feature allows you to set a maximum number of events of a given type, that a user can be booked for. The user will not be booked in for more events than the Constraints sets up.

Whether you would like to limit your onboarding specialists to 3 training sessions per week or your interviewers to 1 interview per day for example, Constraints are a powerful feature that give teams more control. You can now evenly allocate events throughout members and ensure that no one gets overwhelmed, as a result of being overbooked.

How to set up Constraints #

To set up Constraints, make sure to:

  • Create and add a tag to any new requests you wish - whether they were scheduled via the ad-hoc scheduling option or public links. The tag should describe the event; this needs to be easy and memorable. The Constraints will be used anytime you use that tag!
  • Define your Constraints requirement and reach out to with the tag and the requirement, so we can configure the Constraints on our end.

For example, we created an ‘Interview’ tag in the Group Rule below.

Contact Us #

If you have any further questions or suggestions, please contact us at