Why am I seeing Sorry there are no more times available?

You may run into this message when scheduling, but don’t panic! Here we documented why you may see such message and explain how to prevent this.

If we can’t return slots available, you may want to check if:

  • Your calendar has no availability. To resolve this, free up some time and check if there are any blockers on your calendar (e.g. if you have an all-day event, please make sure it is marked as “free” instead of “busy”).

  • You are scheduling on behalf of a group part of a Sequence Template and there are no available members in one or more Steps. In this case, we can’t satisfy the request, as we must be able to create all of the events or none of them. Please identify which Step is problematic and make sure there is a sufficient number of members available for that Step.

  • The event duration in the Sequence Rule is too long for any users to be available. (e.g. Your event duration for the Step 1 is 3h45, which means the required group members need to have a 3h45 free spot in their calendar).

  • Buffers can limit the number of available slots for a user. (e.g. if a user has a 30-mn buffer before and after an event, we would be looking for a 90-minute free window in the user’s calendar, to book the event). Reducing the Buffers in the user’s Preferences may help.