Signing Up

If you’re new to Cronofy and want to use the Scheduler you will need to create an account first, to do this, go to the Cronofy Website.

Check the checkbox and select your calendar provider to be taken through the prompts to connect the Scheduler to your chosen calendar.

How does it work? #

Once you have created your Cronofy account you can create personalized invitation links one of two ways:

  1. Through your Cronofy Account
  2. Using the Cronofy Scheduler Chrome Browser Extension

When you are new to the Scheduler your dashboard will look like this on your Cronofy account.

Using Scheduler through your Cronofy account #

You can access the Cronofy Scheduler at anytime by going to your account and signing in.

Scheduler Dashboard #

Select “Scheduler” in the side bar, and you’ll be taken to your Dashboard, which shows you your current “Pending” and “Scheduled” requests.

If you are on a different page you can click either Scheduler or Requests to get back to this page.