Feature Updates

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Multiple Attendees (Nov 2020) #

Meetings often involve more than one person, so this update is designed to help deal with those situations.

We’ve enhanced the Scheduler to allow you to add multiple people in a way that’s more similar to adding attendees to a calendar event. But, with some Cronofy magic to help streamline the process of setting up meetings.

Invite Anyone #

You can invite anyone to the meeting with just their email address. They will be added as an attendee to the calendar event that gets created in your calendar. They’ll automatically be invited when the main invitee picks a time, just like if you’d invited them directly from your calendar.

This is great for situations where you’re setting up a call with a client and they’ve already told you that they’d like some colleagues on the call. They will have access to their schedules so can confidently pick a time and make sure their colleagues are invited straight away, avoiding the dreaded double-booking scenario.

Respect Attendee’s Availability #

If an attendee is a Connected Contact, you can also choose to make sure that they’re available. Only offering times that both you and they can do.

The calendar icon next to the attendee will tell you whether you have access to their availability. Green with a tick tells you that their availability will be used. You can include as many people as you need.

This is also a convenient point to request someone shares their availability with you.

Once they accept, they will also be on your Connected Contacts for the future.